‚Prager Frühling‘ (1968) als ‚zionistische Verschwörung‘. Der Fall Eduard Goldstücker (1913–2000)

The “Prague Spring” of 1968 marked a shift in the history of Eastern Europe. After the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia (in August 1968), which brutally abolished Czechoslovakian “socialism with a human face,” Communist propaganda cast the “Prague Spring” as a “Zionist conspiracy” against socialism in Eastern Europe propagated by the West. Eduard Goldstücker (1913-2000), the Jewish-born German studies scholar and president of the Czechoslovakian Union of Writers, was considered to be an important “manipulator” behind this “conspiracy” from the Soviet and East German point of view. This case study focuses mainly on the fascinating life of this prominent intellectual, his actual role in the “Prague Spring,” and how he was perceived in the Eastern Bloc and in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Author(s): Alexander Friedman

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