Peer/Editorial Review

Medaon’s editorial team utilizes both peer and double reviews to guarantee the quality of its content, depending on the manuscript at hand.

Manuscripts intended for the sub-sections Articles and Education are always reviewed anonymously by two external reviewers. Based on the recommendations of our reviewers, our editorial team informs the author of each manuscript whether or not his work will be published. At times, we offer an opportunity for publication only, if the author is willing to revise his/her piece. In this instance, the edited version will be reviewed once more before the manuscript is submitted for publication.

Manuscripts intended for the sub-sections Miscellaneous, Sources and Reviews as well as fort he sub-section Education are assessed by the editorial team and the senior editors and may or may not be submitted for external review. Authors will then be contacted in due course.

We aim to supply extensive feedback regarding all submitted manuscripts to the authors. At times, we can only accept a manuscript for publication, if the author agrees to provide a revised version.

Every manuscript will be proof-read externally, and any corrections and suggestions will be discussed with the author(s), who will receive a final PDF-version of his/her manuscript for approval prior to publication.