Authors and other contributors are welcome to contact the editorial team regarding suggestions for the publication of future articles. The editorial team strives to get in touch with prospective authors and contributors at their earliest convenience to discuss the manuscript in question, and to negotiate which editor is going to be responsible for which manuscript.

Manuscripts can be submitted at any time, however, editorial support and publication cannot be guaranteed. The editorial team kindly requests that any negotiation concerning planning and publication of manuscripts is initiated in a timely fashion to ensure publication in a specific Medaon issue e.g. the deadline for publication in the spring issue is January 5th while the deadline for the autumn issue is June 1st.

All manuscripts need to be submitted in line with the criteria set forth by the editorial team. Appendices (including tables, graphs, images plus labels, bibliographies, etc.) are to be included upon submission. The republication of manuscripts that have already been published elsewhere is only permissible in exceptional circumstances.

The editorial team reserves the right to evaluate each submission via a set of criteria that ensure the quality of content and presentation. These criteria can be viewed here. The editorial team is no obligated to publish a manuscript, even of substantial changes have already been made in line with suggestions by the editorial team.

If you have any questions or queries, you are always welcome to contact the editorial team.

Invitations for reviews are delivered via the editorial team on an individual basis. Reviews that have been submitted without prior invitation cannot be included. Suggestions and advertisements relating to individual publications are welcome. Prospective authors and contributors may contact the editorial team at any time to declare their interest in a given epoch, topic or theme and may be contacted by the editorial team should a suitable opportunity arise.