The Journal

Medaon – Journal for Jewish Life in Research and Education is an academic online periodical which is published bi-annually (in April and October respectively) by HATiKVA – Centre for the Education of Jewish History and Culture in Saxony.

Medaon – a term derived from the Hebrew words Meda for information, Mada for scholarship, Dea for view, and Iton for newspaper serves as a widely accessible online platform for interdisciplinary perspectives on Jewish life-worlds (past and present).

Focus on Jewish life-worlds – this approach stands for the presentation of current perspectives on significant aspects of Jewish life in all of its facets and within various social contexts. Our aim is to foster an inclusive approach to research and education, and to ensure the accessibility of our work for members of the general public.

Categories and Series

Certain issues of Medaon are devoted to one highly specific topic. The various sub-sections of our journal are dedicated to particular themes or topics. Recent academic publications are presented alongside a selection of annotated historical sources in order to make them more widely accessible. Our education section aims to facilitate projects of various kinds that contribute to our mission of developing new ways in which teachers and schools educate young minds about Jewish life.

We are currently running two series dedicated to the lives of Jewish women and their legacy in politics and society. Our aim is to be at the cutting edge of current research activity in this particular series. In addition, current perspectives on past historical research is presented via ‘Relektüre’ whereby young scholars critique past research and aim to offer fresh insights where works from the historical canon are concerned.

Individual Medaon issues are dedicated two one individual topic or to several foci. This is decided on a case to case basis by the editorial team and any cooperating individuals or parties.

Based on its current mission and format, Medaon aims to offer interdisciplinary perspectives on academic and non-academic research in various contexts. All manuscripts are selected carefully and edited thoroughly prior to publication. Peer reviews are the norm for all academic pieces.

Further Activities

In addition to our publication of Medaon we are organizing an annual lecture series called Medaon Lectures, and have been sponsoring the annual Fritz-Meyer-Award in honor of the outstanding achievements of young scholars in research and education since 2012.

Open Access

In line with the notion of ‚open access‘, our editorial team wishes to ensure that all Medaon content is easily accessible to the general public and always free of charge. We aim to widen access and participation where research on Jewish life in all of its facets is concerned.