Copyright notice

Following the submission of a piece of writing for publication purposes, the copyright of said piece lies with Medaon. Once publication has occurred, any further publication of the piece in question needs to be agreed upon with the editors of Medaon. The place of initial publication needs to be indicated, when any given piece is being republished.

All authors must ensure that they have obtained permission for the use of any images or other pre-published material that is used for their respective pieces.

Any articles that have already been published elsewhere, will only see republication via Medaon, if this aids the process of widening access to it. Should Medaon dedice to republish a given piece, Medaon is required to ensure that copyright has been obtained prior to republication.

Medaon reserves the right to use any pieces that have been submitted for future publication in other formats such as CD-Rom or print. In this instance, Medaon is required to seek permission from the author. Equally, permission needs to be sought from the author, if Medaon wishes to have a given piece reprinted via a different publisher.