Bildungsarbeit zur jüdischen Geschichte und Kultur in Sachsen. Ein Rückblick auf die letzten 30 Jahre

The article aims to review the developments in educational work on Jewish history and culture in Saxony over the past 30 years. Based on an inventory of currently existing initiatives, associations, and projects around the topic, it shows how educational work has developed. Which influencing factors played a role and which development potentials can be identified? The article presents five clusters. A large number of initiatives focus on dealing with the era of National Socialism and commemorating the victims of the Shoa – the form of commemoration is again very diverse: Biographical and local historical educational formats can be found as well as numerous musical projects. Subsequent initiatives, some of which have overlapping objectives, are dedicated to combatting and preventing anti-Semitism. With a few exceptions, however, the focus very much remains on the topic of National Socialism and the Shoa. It would be desirable for this focus to expand to include more facets when dealing with the history of the Jews in Saxony. In the field of culture, the offers and initiatives are very diverse, ranging from food to theatre to sport – everything can be found. There are also offers from the Jewish community that address the community itself or reach beyond it.