„Welch Wort in die Kälte gerufen“ – eine Lyrikanthologie über die Shoah im Kontext der DDR-Erinnerungskultur

The poetry anthology “Welch Wort in die Kälte gerufen”, published in 1968 in the GDR, is astonishing in its ideological diversity and abundance: it is a collection of 361 poems about the Holocaust written by German-speaking Jewish and non-Jewish writers from all over the world. An examination of the volume’s creation and publishing history highlights how the GDR’s literary and historical policies during the Cold War influenced the publication. The analysis of two poems by Johannes Bobrowski and Louis Fürnberg, by contrast, illustrates the importance of individual and aesthetic aspects of the writing on the Shoah in the GDR beyond any official historical narrative.

Author(s): Anja Thiele

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