Online-Sein oder Nicht-Sein – das ist nicht die Frage. Anregungen zur Reflexion über digitale Vermittlungsangebote zur jüdischen Geschichte und Kultur

Many memorials, museums and institutions for Jewish history and culture offer digital educational programs. A survey of 15 German institutions aims to clarify three questions concerning the use of the 21 digital programmes they offer: for whom are they designed, who actually uses them and are there any particular considerations in the teaching and presentation of Jewish history online? This small survey reveals some problem areas and fields of action: There has been little previous reflection about people’s behaviour in digital spaces and about the specifics of imparting knowledge about Jewish history and culture via the internet. There is also a lack of research, particularly empirical studies, able to could shed light on digital learning and on teaching Jewish history and culture in the digital world.

Author(s): Stephanie Kowitz-Harms

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