Issue 13 (2019), 25

Dear readers and dear friends of Medaon,

we are very happy to provide you with a special issue on the history of the Centralverein deutscher Staatsbürger jüdischen Glaubens (C.V.) in the newest edition of Medaon. We, the editors, noticed the creation of the research network Centralverein.netwith some interest about two years ago, and offered to present it in the journal with a contribution. We were therefore delighted to be offered a special issue on the fascinating history of this imminently important historical institution of German-Jewish history by Rebekka Denz and Tilmann Gempp-Friedirch, the founders of the network. We want to thank the editors for their trust, for their collaboration, for all the efforts in the publication process, and not the least, for the excellent result! Te introduction to the special issue offers further information on the background and publication.

In the regular contributions of this year’s fall-issue, Miriam Bistrovic discusses the challenges of presenting sources in the digital format using the example of the online platform 1938Projekt. Posts from the Past, while Wolfgang Geiger devotes himself to the thematization of Jewish history in schoolbooks and the corresponding pedagogical challenges. Jörn Schütrumpf approaches Rosa Luxemburg’ life, 100 years after her murder, in the series “Biographies of Jewish Women”. A number of reviews top off the issue.

Sadly, this is the last issue to which our colleague Kerstin von der Krone will contribute. Our work together goes back to the year 2013. Ten, as an external aide, Kerstin analyzed by our request the position of Medaon in the German and international landscape of periodicals on Jewish history and the Jewish present; she pointed to the strengths and – well – the weaknesses of the journal, and enthusiastically discussed possible developments with us, so that we had no other choice but to soon after invite her to work with us on the journal directly. It is to her and Melanie Eulitz’s credit that the review section is at the high-quality level it enjoys today. We thank you sincerely, Kerstin, for all the years of great work together and wish you all the best for all your future projects!

We could not have made this issue without the help of our reviewers. Corrections and translations were this time done by Cathleen Bürgelt, Phillip Roth, Margi Schellenberg and Patricia C. Sutcliffe, and by Steffen Schröter of text plus form – we thank you all very much!

The editors of Medaon, Noovember 2019.

Author(s): Redaktion Medaon

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