„I’m changing my image!“ Die Darstellung Holocaust-Überlebender im Spielfilm am Beispiel von Arthur Hillers The Man in the Glass Booth

“The Man in the Glass Booth” (USA 1975) has to some extent been overlooked in spite of its elusive yet striking qualities. It tells the startling and on the face of it unlikely fictional story of a Holocaust survivor, arrested by Mossad agents and brought to Israel for prosecution, as a result of misleadingly laying a trail of evidence that points to himself as a former SS officer. The protagonist, Arthur Goldman, is one of the most disturbing figures in the filmic representation of survivors. This article uses Goldman as a reference point to analyse psychic traumatisation caused by National Socialist persecution. The primary focus here is the question of how the film’s narrative corresponds to the experiences and testimonies of those affected by the Holocaust.

Author(s): Asal Dardan

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