Ein vergessener Streiter der frühen Holocaust-Erinnerung: Adolf Burg und der ehemalige Deportationsbahnhof Berlin-Grunewald

Since 2011, every year in October, hundreds of Berlin citizens have gathered at Grunewald rail station in Berlin to remember the deportation of Berlin’s Jews to concentration camps, which commenced at the station in October 1941. This essay examines the history of Holocaust commemoration at this location from the 1950s onward and the impact on these activities of the effects of the Cold War in Berlin. The article focuses particularly on the Holocaust survivor Adolf Burg and on a small group of people formerly persecuted by the Nazi regime and the associations they formed. During the first four decades after the war, these people and associations upheld the memory of those deported via Grunewald and subsequently murdered, until in the 1980s new figures and groups began to take an interest in this historical site.

Author(s): Gerd Kühling

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