Editorial 10 (2016), 19

We are happy that in the recent, focus-free issue of Medaon we can pursue our basic thread of providing attention to Jewish history in Saxony and its research, which of course includes treatment of the anti-Semitic persecutions between 1933 and 1945. While Christiane Pieper most recently shed light onto the complete Saxonian context of Jewish history of this time, in our journal in 2014, with her research review and bibliography, Mike Schmeitzner takes into account the basis and implementation of national socialist “Judenpolitik” in his contribution „Tödlicher Hass: Antisemitismus und Judenverfolgung in Dresden 1933–1945“. We are very glad to be publishing this detailed review in accord with the editors of the conference documentation of „Victor Klemperer – Heimat im Wort?“.

Of course you can spend your time on several more and not only Saxony-related contributions. We, at this point, we would like to emphasize the contribution in the series “Biografien jüdischer Frauen”, which is dedicated to Nelly Sachs, and at the same time take the chance to thank Ulrike Schneider next to Anna-Dorothea Ludewig, co-author of the text, for the always pleasant cooperation in the past years. This issue is, as usual, round off with a row of book-reviews.

We wish you a pleasant read!

This issue would also not have been possible without the help of the reviewers. Corrections and translations were done by Cathleen Bürgelt, Patricia C. Sutcliffe and Phillip Roth as well as by Günther Gebhard and Steffen Schröter of text plus form – the editors wish to thank them all!

Finally, we want to inform you that 2016 brought about some changes in personnel: We are happy that for the conceptualization and realization of future issues and thematic foci Claudia Prestel, Maria Diemling, Olaf Glöckner and Ronny Noak will join us as new colleauges.

The editors of Medaon, Novembre 2016.

Author(s): Redaktion Medaon

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