Das Körnchen Wahrheit im Mythos: Israelis in Deutschland ̛– Diskurse, Empirie und Forschungsdesiderate

Israelis in Germany are of interest. But for who? And why? Who are these Israelis? How can one grasp their migration to Germany, and their life-worlds in Germany theoretically and methodologically? These are the questions that this essay endeavours to explore. It bases on the data collected for “The Migration of Israeli Jews to Germany since 1990“ (GIF 1186), but ventures beyond these datasets. To justice to the diversity of the life-worlds of Israelis in Germany, the data collection was conducted within the framework of a multi-stited ethnography. This essay will introduce the pre-project research, the course of the project, and the framing, pursuant it will venture into discourses about Israelis and then into empirical data about them to test the myths for a potential kernel of truth, and to indicate which questions follow from the project results and how important long-term, non-project based research is to understand social, societal, and historic dynamics.