Nazi Looted Art in Israel: Kulturguttransfer nach 1945 und Restitution heute

In the aftermath of the Washington Conference (1998) – that was joined by 44 states and intended to develop a consensus on principles to assist in resolving issues relating to Nazi-confiscated art – numerous and spectacular cases of Art Restitution occurred. Therefore, the return of artworks looted during the Nazi era became a main question for museums all over the world – also in Israel. Orphaned artworks and cultural assets reached Israeli cultural institutions not only through transfers of the international art market but also through the distribution of Jewish Restitution Successor Organizations. On the basis of several examples this essay describes the various ways of Nazi Looted Art to Israel. Against the background of the international development of Art Restitution since 1998 till today, this essay also seeks to explore the present practice of restitution of looted art in Israel.