Editorial edition 11

In the eleventh issue MEDAON sets its focus on the debate around the relationship of Jews and non-Jews in German speaking countries of the 19th and 20th century, which – noticing the sometimes pointed contributions at a conference in Berlin on the “German-Jewish cultural heritage” in October 2011 – obviously has lost nothing of its actuality. The thirtieth anniversary of the death of Gershom Scholem, the historically most prominent proponent in the situating of a “dialogue between Germans and Jews”, gives us reason to anew, and again certainly only preliminarily, locate the debate, for which we could obtain Klaus Hödl, Frank Mecklenburg and Moshe Zuckermann for contributions, who position themselves in different ways and with parting premisses. Mathias Berek and Anna-Dorothea Ludewig elaborately set the frame for this focal point in name of the editors and invite for further comments.

As it is known, the stated aim of the MEDAON project is to also offer younger generations of scholars a platform through the journal. In the future the editors, in cooperation with the supporting association HATiKVA e.V., will support young scholars and artist through the public awarding of a prize. Outstanding works on Jewish history and culture will be honored with the newly funded Fritz-Meyer-Preis. The prize will be initially awarded on 9. November 2012 to Berit Görlich. In an article Stefan Drechsler, board member at HATiKVA e.V., will present the prize as well as its name bearer.

The issue includes further independent contributions in various formats and, as usual, a number of reviews on recent scholarly publications.

We welcome Heike Radvan and Katharina Wüstefeld as new editorial members. Both will be responsible for the education section and, on the one hand, set their attention on exciting questions of contemporary and future challenges to anti-semitism prevention and, on the other, on the conveying of Jewish history and culture in curricular and extracurricular offerings.

The current issue of MEDAON would not have been possible without the help of Irina Suttner as well as all reviewers. Cathleen Bürgelt, Nicola Watson, Phillip Roth, Alisa Katsman and Marcus Schaub as well as Gunther Gebhard und Steffen Schröter of text plus form corrected this issue. The editors would like to express their profound gratitude to all those who provided voluntary assistance.

MEDAON Editorial stuff in October 2012.

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