„Die Beherrschung des Aggressionstriebes ist die zentrale Aufgabe“ – Zur Bedeutung der Sozial- und Jugendpädagogik jüdischer Protagonist:innen in der postnationalsozialistischen Bundesrepublik

The reprofessionalization of Jewish social work after the Shoah would have been unthinkable without the support of international Jewish organizations and, above all, the new state of Israel. This is because the frame of reference among professionals in Germany simply failed to adequately address the needs and problems of the Jewish community. In this context, the quali- fication of Jewish youth became an existential necessity for the whole Jewish community in the 1960s, and early actors in the pedagogical field (e.g., Ber- thold Simonsohn) tried to transfer their practical knowledge into the German discourse on the academization of social work.